ONE NIGHT STAND: The ORIGINAL Timed Film Competition! June 18th!



The ORIGINAL Timed Film Festival!

Join us at Thou Mayest Coffee at 8am, Sat June 18th as we draw a theme, a line of dialogue, an object and then throw you out into the world to make your One Night Stand film over the next TEN HOURS!

We’ll screen them at 7:30pm THAT NIGHT at the Tivoli Cinemas in Westport, so get your teams together or come find a team to join that morning!

Entry Fee:
$25 for IFCKC Members/ $30 for Non-Members

Tickets for the screening:
IFCKC Members $7.00/Non-Members $9.00

2016 ONE NIGHT STAND – June 18th, 2016

8am: Meet at Thou Mayest (419 E 18th St, Kansas City, MO 64108) for coffee and drawing of the three elements.

8:30(ish): GO MAKE YOUR FILM!

6:30pm: Turn in your film!

7:30pm: Screening of the 2016 ONS!