Alamo Drafthouse Theater



July 8th – TONIGHT!

Second Half: Chris Harris – Stop Motion animator!
July 16th – 26th – KC FRINGE FESTIVAL
We have screening dates!
Tuesday 21st – 7:30 PM
Thursday 23rd – 10:00 PM
Saturday 25th – 3:30 PM
Screenland Crossroads will be the venue.
Program is still being finalized.


2015 will be the year we begin film production for the IFCKC, by the IFCKC. The plan is to produce at least 2 films this year, featuring the best of Kansas City’s talent, and to serve as a working classroom for anyone interested in working in film. Ultimately we look to produce 4 films/working classrooms a year, going forward.

Our first script will be Paula Smith’s, AN URN FOR CALVIN. Congrats to Paula!!

Patrick Rea will be our first director, and we are in the process of selecting the the primary production crew and setting dates for production, and will keep you updated!

Bruce Branit (Digital Domain) has expressed an interest in directing one.

September/October – Horror Film Competition?

November/December – 1/3/5 Competition

Holiday Party!

January – EPTAS!

Science Fiction/Fantasy Films for Comicon
Equipment Rental:

Rent our equipment please! Prices are super reasonable. Equipment pricing/rental sheets on website Prices have been reduced!
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Turn in digital files for upcoming screening events please. Please note: Use H.264, Mpeg4 or Avi. Data DVDs are OK (not a burned dvd. if you don’t know what this means. just don’t do it. really)! We had a few KIFF entries that were in ProRes, which is an unnecessarily large format for our purposes.

Also remember: From now on we will not be accepting any copyrighted music WITHOUT authorizations. We will be asking for the authorizations. So have them. There are a ton of examples of these documents online. If you have trouble finding them, ask Tim about it and he can help you.
[email protected]

Sign up for membership – $30/year (really inexpensive for the awesome goodies you get) now via credit card! Can pay or renew online – via PayPal. First time members: if you sign up online, be sure to email me with your T-shirt size. Don’t remember your renewal date? Ask me! Renewal Notices are emailed each month. Email me with any questions.

New tiered membership! Ask us about Premier Level.
As a member, the IFC will reimburse half of your entry fee to an out of town film festival if you are accepted. Proof of receipt required, cap of $200 per project per year. Will accept up to one year back.
Reminder: The IFCKC works, if you work it. Don’t hesitate to network and make friends. Get on shoots.


Actor Showcase is on the IFCKC’s YouTube! Get hyped, get hyped, get hyped! Get on my level, bro. I mean it. Get even more hyped.

Find him on facebook—let him know what you want to see during the second half of our meetings.

I am getting ready to start compiling a list of resources for local filmmakers. If you have any resources that you know of or utilize, or resources you are looking for or think others might need that someone can look for you, contact me at [email protected] .
[email protected]
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SELF – PROMOTION (moderated by Timothy)
If you are a new person, please don’t forget to add your contact info to the IFC mailing list signup.

Dave Edwards – Actor, Coach for Worlds of Fun Amusement Park for Halloween Haunt. Go to Worlds of Fun website for employment section and apply. Improv skills are a plus. 25,000 people per night. A great opportunity for print work and commercial work.

Sam Passer – Has a short film he’d like to make. Needs someone who’s great with special effects, and the rest of a general crew. 913.787.2556 [email protected]

Ben – Has been a me Teaches film and media at Avila and is also on the board of KIFF. Bring your film to KIFF! Go to
Looking for volunteers and people to get more involved.

Dorothy – Recently got into film through music videos. It’s her second meeting, make her feel welcomed! She wants to help you on your film crew. [email protected]

Trevor – Founder of Please go check out the site! Has films submitted from all over the world. UK, and a bunch of different states. Gets lots of submissions. But He’d love it if you could comment on your favorites. And also go to the facebook page and give it a like. Please go to his Fringe standup show. It’s a fantastic showcase in the Kick Comedy Theater. There’s different comedians every night of the week. 17th, 21st and 24th down in Kick Comedy Theater by Westport Coffee House. Share posts about the show to help out the comedians!

John Johnson – If you have a completed short or features, there’s a screening opportunity sponsored by Om Film Fest. Send a message to [email protected] and let them know about films you wanna see screened down by South Pavilion

Maia – Visual arts part of the Fringe. 19th go to Iron Artist 7-8pm. You get an hour to make something out of a box of stuff you’re given.

Candra Hastings – Getting involved in film! Wants to be a screenwriter. Going to get a degree in it, and wants to get more experience as well! Find her on social media. [email protected]

Julia – interested in screenwriting. Has been writing since she was a child. She’s a small business owner and has been giving away her poetry for free! How nice. 

Johnny – Is a filmmaker that started funding his feature here at IFC. He credits IFC to getting his film made, which got submitted to KC Film Fest. He is selling copies! Snag one!

Alden – Working on several projects. DP/producer for a film and is shooting another film in August. He is looking for new and old faces in filmmaking to help on set.

Kenny Carter – Studied composition at UMKC. Scores films and is going to Boston, but can still help you score your film remotely. Does a variety of styles. [email protected]

Amber Dawn – Wants to focus on her acting. Visit her website and hire her for your project!

Tim – Is working on a film in August that you should help out on! Get experience! Has another insanely complicated film that he wants to shoot at the end of the year. Keep up to date on his projects!

Other Composers: Davis Kvetsinger ,[email protected]
Thomas Gray Kidwell, 816-898-1166, [email protected]
Mary and Michael Lasemuse 816-777-7305
Sinuhe Viramontes – Actor that wants to get more work! [email protected]

Kimberly Igla – Works in all aspects of filmmaking but wants to act more. View her screenwriting and acting on in her newest short film “TEA”.

Liz McNay – Script supervising, Craft services among other services. [email protected]