Alamo Drafthouse Theater



June 3rd – Daniel Banks: Music Videos of several genres.

June 10th – We will screen the IFCKC sponsored 48HR films.

June 17th – Audio Twins SEMINAR! Tyler Thompson and Phil Cattell! They’re super cool pros and will talk about post-production audio.

June 20th – ONE NIGHT STAND, at THE TIVOLI! Kickoff is at 8am Thou Mayest, 10 hours later, we meet at The Tivoli.


We’d like each team to have one person embedded in the team whose job is to shoot behind-the-scenes material. They are not part of the team. Think of it as a journalist embedded in the trenches with the army reporting on a war.

Or this might need to be more than one person. It might be a small team of it’s own.
Their job is to record what goes on with the team they are following, the good and the bad.
Then they will put together a rough edit and that will be screened following the competition screening, while the judges make their decision.

June 24th – Film Society, Altman Center Fundraiser

June 27th & 28th: Maker Faire! B-level will be aaaall about KC Film. We will have a booth. We may need volunteers to help Steph Scupham (our Film Commissioner) with various parts of the weekend.

July 16th – 26th – KC FRINGE FESTIVAL
We will have at least one program! We may need your films! 
We will have more info soon!

2015 will be the year we begin film production for the IFCKC, by the IFCKC. The plan is to produce at least 2 films this year, featuring the best of Kansas City’s talent, and to serve as a working classroom for anyone interested in working in film. Ultimately we look to produce 4 films/working classrooms a year, going forward.

IFCKC Presents: 18 Scripts are currently under consideration.

– Budget
– Quality
– Educational Opportunity
- Wider Audience

The Board is in discussions, and we will have a decision in a jiff.

The 2014-15 IFCKC Board is:
Tim Harvey – President
Maia Ades – Vice President
Ted Smith – Treasurer
Karen Igla – Board
Alden Miller – Board
Kimberly Igla – Board
Dan Handley – Board
Micah Husereaux – Board

Rent our equipment please! Prices are super reasonable. Equipment pricing/rental sheets on website Prices have been reduced!

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Turn in digital files for upcoming screening events please. Please note: Use H.264, Mpeg4 or Avi. Data DVDs are OK (not a burned dvd. if you don’t know what this means. just don’t do it. really)! We had a few KIFF entries that were in ProRes, which is an unnecessarily large format for our purposes.

Also remember: From now on we will not be accepting any copyrighted music WITHOUT authorizations. We will be asking for the authorizations. So have them. There are a ton of examples of these documents online. If you have trouble finding them, ask Tim about it and he can help you.

[email protected]

Sign up for membership – $30/year (really inexpensive for the awesome goodies you get) now via credit card! Can pay or renew online – via PayPal. First time members: if you sign up online, be sure to email me with your T-shirt size. Don’t remember your renewal date? Ask me! Renewal Notices are emailed each month. Email me with any questions.

New tiered membership! Ask us about Premier Level.

As a member, the IFC will reimburse half of your entry fee to an out of town film festival if you are accepted. Proof of receipt required, cap of $200 per project per year. Will accept up to one year back.

Reminder: The IFCKC works, if you work it. Don’t hesitate to network and make friends. Get on shoots.

Actor Showcase is on the IFCKC’s YouTube! Get hyped, get hyped, get hyped! Get on my level, bro. I mean it.

Find him on facebook—let him know what you want to see during the second half of our meetings.

I am getting ready to start compiling a list of resources for local filmmakers. If you have any resources that you know of or utilize, or resources you are looking for or think others might need that someone can look for you, contact me at [email protected] .

[email protected]
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SELF – PROMOTION (moderated by Timothy)
If you are a new person, please don’t forget to add your contact info to the IFC mailing list signup.

Luke Millard – Wants to get back into film!! He likes to be DP!

Karen – If you’re accepted into an out of town festival, you can get up to half of your submission reimbursed!
Also, you should totally come see the 48HFP screenings. Screening Group A is at 5pm, Group B at 7pm. Tickets for individual screenings are $15, but to see both, it’s $20 (better value, guys).

Jared Spangler – Likes to direct and write! 

Maia – First friday this week! This month the charity Operation Breakthrough will be benefiting from the sales.

Jerry Rapp – needs an apartment to shoot in during late August

Brian – Famous Last Words had a week long run at Screenland Crossroads. Gonna go screen in Nebraska! Where it all started!

Desiree Williams – Wants to get involved in producing and directing. Put her in your crew!