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Our first Film Festival of 2015 will be the return of Every Picture Tells a Story!

April 4th is the screening. Doors open at 6, screening and party at 7pm at the Buffalo Room. Tickets will be $5 for IFCKC members, and $7 for non-members.
817 Westport Road


Jim Schweers
David Berry
Kammie Settle
Daniel Banks
Joshua Scott
Paul South
Kim Igla
Jake Brown
Jon Johnson
Charles Burrell
Bill Connelly
John Collins
Gabe Metz

2015 will be the year of film production for the IFC. The plan is to produce 3-4 films, featuring the best of Kansas City’s talent, and to serve as a working classroom for anyone interested in working in film.

We’re going after grant money! Help us raise the funds! Rent equipment, renew your membership, or donate out of the kindness of your beautiful heart. We need to raise $1,500 to earn 1,500.

IFCKC Presents: Call For Scripts!
Subject matter and content is wide open, with only one real requirement: The films produced by the IFCKC are meant to show the best of what our talented members and the wider Kansas City film community can do, and why Kansas City is a great place to make independent film.
Qualifying scripts must be 15 minutes or less, formatted in standard industry script form, and submitted as a PDF to [email protected] on or before April 30th, 2015.

TONIGHT! April 1st – Ask Me Anything: Jason Turner and Rachel Manna!
We continue our series with the folks who bring us the Kansas City 48Hr Film Project!

April 8th – Screening of SLEEP STUDY!
Directed by Dan Handley

April 15th – CJ Drummeler’s Audio Seminar.

April 15th – 19th: Kansas City Film Fest!.
Cinemark on the Plaza!

April 16th – BLUE HEAVEN 5:30pm
April 18th – Brian Boye’s FAMOUS LAST WORDS 10:30am
April 18th – David Berry’s THE BOOK OF GAIA 2:35pm
April 18th – KC MOMMA Membership Rally & Screening 3:35 – 6:45pm
April 19th – KCWIFT Staged Reading 1:00pm

April 23rd – JASMINE Premiere – Screenland Armour 8PM

The 2014-15 IFCKC Board is:
Tim Harvey – President
Maia Ades – Vice President
Ted Smith – Treasurer
Karen Iga – Board
Alden Miller – Board
Jordan Williams – Board
Kim Igla – Board
Dan Handley – Board
Micah Husereaux – Board

Rent our equipment please! 😀 Prices are extremely reasonable. Equipment pricing/rental sheets on website Prices have been reduced!

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Turn in digital files for upcoming screening events please. Please note: Use H.264, Mpeg4 or Avi. Data DVDs are OK (not a burned dvd. if you don’t know what this means. just don’t do it. really)! We had a few KIFF entries that were in ProRes, which is an unnecessarily large format for our purposes.

Also remember: From now on we will not be accepting any copyrighted music WITHOUT authorizations. We will be asking for the authorizations. So have them. There are a ton of examples of these documents online. If you have trouble finding them, ask Tim about it and he can help you.

Tim is a member on the film commision, which is a big benefit to us. He’s kind of a big deal.

The Writer’s Place would be a great resource!

[email protected]

Sign up for membership – $30/year (really inexpensive for the awesome goodies you get) now via credit card! Can pay or renew online – via PayPal. First time members: if you sign up online, be sure to email me with your T-shirt size. Don’t remember your renewal date??? Ask me! Renewal Notices are emailed each month. Email me with any questions.

New tiered membership!

As a member, the IFC will reimburse half of your entry fee to an out of town film festival if you are accepted. Proof of receipt required, cap of $200 per project per year. Will accept up to one year back.

MAIA ADES- Vice President
Putting together the reading for Tim Bartow’s script! We’re in need of actors! April 22nd.

KIMBERLY IGLA – SECRETARY – INTERN no longer….she just wants to be like Jordan
Actor’s showcase updates! This season will be pre-recorded. I’ll be shooting everyone’s minute long monologues and editing them together to be screened during the event. What a fun new twist! Whoo! Sign up sheet TODAY! Prepare your minute long monologue!


Find him on facebook—let him know what you want to see during the second half of our meetings.

DAN HANDLEY – Board Member

I am getting ready to start compiling a list of resources for local filmmakers. If you have any resources that you know of or utilize, or resources you are looking for or think others might need that someone can look for you, contact me at [email protected] .

Micah Husereaux – Board Member – Media Chair
[email protected]
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SELF – PROMOTION (moderated by Timothy)
If you are a new person, please don’t forget to add your contact info to the IFC mailing list signup.

A slimy, drunk womanizer at the office gets his comeuppance when a virus on his computer crashes his physical body.

Looking for a 50s-60s male actor to play the womanizing drunk who meets his bitter end in a 10 minute short film this month.
Planning to film the weekend of April 18-19 and the next weekend as well in Lawrence. Food will be provided.

Contact Alex Lamb if interested. 913-963-5265 [email protected]

48-hour Film Project is the last weekend in May! If you’re a member, apply and we could cover half your entry fee!

Maia – has programming textbooks up for grabs! Go snag ‘em!

Work the group! introduce yourself! Network!

Her gallery on First Fridays will be bumpin! Tattoos and Turn Tables is the theme! If you have tattoos, come hang! People without them are welcome too, don’t worry.
504 E. 18th st. KCMO

Rachel Manna – wants your help with box office volunteers at KC Film Fest!

Tyler Thompson & Phil Cattell – Work in an audio duo! Specialize in post and production audio! 816-803-6835 [email protected]

Lily Kincade- Is an actor and creates music! Use her in your film! [email protected] 913-907-7154

Andrew Shafer – Works as assistant camera and camera operator. Has been on countless shorts and a recent feature! [email protected] 913-240-5217

Ursula Joiner – Been a part of SAG since ‘97, but now loves the production side. She has a multitude of sets available for your use at her company No Budget Studios. Take advantage of that! She also has a recording studio! Network with her! Also visit
For any actors, No Budget Studios does reels! 733-443-5086 [email protected]

Christian – Recently got a 3D printer! So if anyone needs any custom props for their project, let him know! He also wants more experience as a Director of Photography!
He’s working on a documentary about veterans, so if you know of any veterans deployed around ‘04, let him know! [email protected] 808-652-7095

TJ Kimbrough – Actor that’s just starting out, also works really well as a crew member. Eager to learn.

Kyle – They’re looking for people to help with their audio issues in their comedy club atmosphere. Every Tuesday at Joe’s Standard Bar in Blue Springs.

Christian – Wants more acting experience. Eager to learn and get busy! 816-305-8309

Jennifer Seward – The staged reading (of the top entries of the screenplay contest) at the KCFF from KCWIFT 1-3:30 on April 19th. Plus three short films!
iActing Studios has a great bi-monthly class that will help guide your career! Kristine Oller every other wednesday! 4 classes total.
Also has a short screening, Mean Spirited, on Friday at 9:05pm and Saturday 9:30pm at KCFF.

Lauren Groom – Been out of the film community for a while, but wants to get back in the mix! Does a variety of crew work! She’s been helping with the KCFF and has been working at the film office! [email protected]

Brian Boye – Famous Last Words, documentary that examines last conversations with loved ones.April 18th at Cinemark 10:30am at KCFF.
Working on The Comedy Minute’s latest short! Email [email protected] if you wanna help out on set April 6th! They need actors and crew!
If you’re in need of promotional materials, Paul Rudd’s sister is the shiznit.

David Berry – Book of Gaia, his fourth jazz documentary at 2:35pm at Cinemark at KCFF.

Dustin Adair – His presidency has ended, and he’s fully recovered. He wants to get back into writing! His script doctor service is back in business!
He’s got three adorable munchkins that he’s adopting shortly! Don’t judge and just be happy for this joyous occasion! <3 <3 <3 Jason Turner - Actor and Filmmaker, check out his project Iron City Chronicles. He’s with I & I Talent Agency, and he’s the producer for 48 Hour Film. Kick off is the 29th and drop off is the 31st. The screening is a week later. Get involved! Tim Harvey - One Night Stand Film Competition is the 10 Hour project.. So there’s that. Enjoy that in June!