Alamo Drafthouse Theater


We are back to weekly meetings!

Our first Film Festival of 2015 will be the return of Every Picture Tells a Story! April 4th is the screening, from 4:00 to 6:00 PM. Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is the tentative venue. Entry fee is $15 to IFCKC members, $20 for non-members.


2015 will be the year of film production for the IFC. The plan is to produce 3-4 films, featuring the best of Kansas City’s talent, and to serve as a working classroom for anyone interested in working in film.

We’re going after grant money! Help us raise the funds! Rent equipment, renew your membership, or donate out of the kindness of your beautiful heart. We need to raise $1,500 to earn 1,500.

IFCKC Presents: Call For Scripts!
Subject matter and content is wide open, with only one real requirement: The films produced by the IFCKC are meant to show the best of what our talented members and the wider Kansas City film community can do, and why Kansas City is a great place to make independent film.

Qualifying scripts must be 15 minutes or less, formatted in standard industry script form, and submitted as a PDF to [email protected] on or before April 30th, 2015.

March 18th – Ask Me Anything: Chris Bylsma
We continue our series with Chris Bylsma discusses his career and his budding actor reel business.

March 25th – Joint Meeting with KCWIFT at the Buffalo Room:
Special Guest: Bobbie Bagby Ford, Vice President of Marketing for B&B Theatres shares the business side from a female executive’s perspective.
Information will be provided on the opportunities for filmmaker’s and media professionals to submit their work for consideration at the 2015 Mid-America Emmy Awards.

Discussion will be moderated; attendees are invited to submit questions to [email protected]

March 26th: Deadline for Wild West Film Fest: 1152 Hour Film Festival, began 2/6. Films due @ midnight March 26th. Entry fee is $100 and you can still enter!

March 28th – iActing Studios: Emmy and Tony winner Jason Alexander will be teaching his renowned Master Acting Class in our Los Angeles Studio. Our KC Studio will be watching and ONE lucky KC actor in our studio will work ONE ON ONE with Jason virtually. For info and tickets –

If you want your film screened here, go for it! It’s beneficial to hear other people’s thoughts about your project!

KC Fringe Festival – Eleven days in July – Deadline coming soon for program submissions. Tentatively, IFC to have a different program every night.

April 15th – Cancelled IFC meeting. Go to Kansas City Film Festival instead. Cinemark on the Plaza! April 15 – 19th. Volunteer!!!

The 2014-15 IFCKC Board is:
Tim Harvey – President
Maia Ades – Vice President
Ted Smith – Treasurer
Karen Igla – Board
Alden Miller – Board
Kim Igla – Board
Dan Handley – Board
Micah Husereaux – Board

Rent our equipment please! 😀 Prices are extremely reasonable. Equipment pricing/rental sheets on website Prices have been reduced!
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Turn in digital files for upcoming screening events please. Please note: Use H.264, Mpeg4 or Avi. Data DVDs are OK (not a burned dvd. if you don’t know what this means. just don’t do it. really)! We had a few KIFF entries that were in ProRes, which is an unnecessarily large format for our purposes.

Also remember: From now on we will not be accepting any copyrighted music WITHOUT authorizations. We will be asking for the authorizations. So have them. There are a ton of examples of these documents online. If you have trouble finding them, ask Tim about it and he can help you.

Tim is a member on the film commision, which is a big benefit to us. He’s kind of a big deal.

The Writer’s Place would be a great resource!

[email protected]
Sign up for membership – $30/year (really inexpensive for the awesome goodies you get) now via credit card! Can pay or renew online – via PayPal. First time members: if you sign up online, be sure to email me with your T-shirt size. Don’t remember your renewal date??? Ask me! Renewal Notices are emailed each month. Email me with any questions.

New tiered membership!

As a member, the IFC will reimburse half of your entry fee to an out of town film festival if you are accepted. Proof of receipt required, cap of $200 per project per year. Will accept up to one year back.

MAIA ADES- Vice President
Thanks for coming!

KIMBERLY IGLA – SECRETARY – INTERN no longer….she just wants to be like Jordan
Actor’s showcase updates! This season will be pre-recorded. I’ll be shooting everyone’s minute long monologues and editing them together to be screened during the event. What a fun new twist! Whoo! Sign up sheet coming next week. Prepare your minute long monologue!

Find him on facebook—let him know what you want to see during the second half of our meetings.

DAN HANDLEY – Board Member
I am getting ready to start compiling a list of resources for local filmmakers. If you have any resources that you know of or utilize, or resources you are looking for or think others might need that someone can look for you, contact me at [email protected] .

MICAH HUSEREAUX- Board Member – Media Chair
[email protected]
SELF – PROMOTION (moderated by Timothy)
If you are a new person, please don’t forget to add your contact info to the IFC mailing list signup.

Davis DeRock – Back from LA where 48HFP film collaborated with Holland & Poland filmmakers and screened at Filmapalooza.

James Hinckle – commercial film producer. Clinton, Missouri

Maia Ades – 3rd Friday, March 20th, at Art & Bicycle Arthouse, 504 E. 4th St., for the Happiness Trifecta Event

Jeff Scanlon – interested in anyone with knowledge of live webcasting

Daniel Banks – Jazz musician is subject of his EPTAS submission