Wild West Film Flix is a NEW TV show that showcases local films from local film makers made for the Wild West Film Festival – First 4 episodes to screen at The Granada Theater, Lawrence KS – 1/30/15 6:30pm

iActing Studios Kansas City – Open House – 1/31/15 3pm-5pm
7540 W 160th St Suite 110, Overland Park, Kansas 66085

Slaughter Movie House – Women in Horror Month 2/1/15 7-10pm

Screenland Armour  – Hosted by Jill Sixx & Gary Cooper
Special Guests Blair Richardson and Amanda Payton.

BLUE HEAVEN Premiere – 2/26/2015 @ Screenland Armour 7pm
Dir. by Johnny Dailey. Starring Johanna Brooks, Frank Portillo, Doug Dowell, Chris Bylsma,  Davis DeRock.

Weekly Again! Beginning in February, we are back to weekly meetings!

If you want your film screened here, go for it! It’s beneficial to hear other people’s thoughts about your project!

We’re going after grant money! Help us raise the funds! Rent equipment, renew your membership, or donate out of the kindness of your beautiful heart. We need to raise $1,500 to earn 1,500.

The 2014-15 IFCKC Board is:

Tim Harvey – President

Maia Ades – Vice President

Ted Smith – Treasurer

Karen Iga – Board

Alden Miller – Board

Jordan Williams – Board

Kim Igla – Board

Dan Handley – Board

Micah Husereaux – Board

Rent our equipment please! 😀 Prices are extremely reasonable. Equipment pricing/rental sheets on website ifckc.com.

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

2015 will be the year of film production for the IFC. The plan is to produce 4 films, featuring the best of Kansas City’s talent, and to serve as a working classroom for anyone interested in working in film.

Our first Film Festival of 2015 will be the return of Every Picture Tells a Story! March 28th is the screening. We’re still working on choosing the venue. Entry fee is $15 to IFCKC members, $20 for non-members. DEADLINE: March 18th.

Turn in digital files for upcoming screening events please. Please note: Use H.264, Mpeg4 or Avi. Data DVDs are OK (not a burned dvd. if you don’t know what this means. just don’t do it. really)! We had a few KIFF entries that were in ProRes, which is an unnecessarily large format for our purposes.

Also remember: From now on we will not be accepting any copyrighted music WITHOUT authorizations. We will be asking for the authorizations. So have them. There are a ton of examples of these documents online. If you have trouble finding them, ask Tim about it and he can help you.

Tim is a member on the film commision, which is a big benefit to us. He’s kind of a big deal.


[email protected]

Sign up for membership – $30/year (really inexpensive) now via credit card! Can pay or renew online – via PayPal. First time members: if you sign up online, be sure to email me with your T-shirt size. Don’t remember your renewal date??? Ask me! Renewal Notices are emailed each month. Email me with any questions.


As a member, the IFC will reimburse half of your entry fee to an out of town film festival if you are accepted. Proof of receipt required, cap of $200 per project per year. Will accept up to one year back.

MAIA ADES– Vice President

KIMBERLY IGLA – SECRETARY – INTERN no longer….she just wants to be like Jordan


Find him on  facebook—let him know what you want to see during the second half of our meetings.

DAN HANDLEY – Board Member

I am getting ready to start compiling a list of resources for local filmmakers. If you have any resources that you know of or utilize, or resources you are looking for or think others might need that someone can look for you, contact me at commando[email protected] .


SELF – PROMOTION (moderated by Timothy)

If you are a new person, please don’t forget to add your contact info to the IFC mailing list signup.

Write a script and submit it to KCWIFT’s screenplay contest! You get a discount on the submission fee if you’re an IFCKC member! The winner gets a prize! Check the info at KCWIFT.org

SCOTT JOLLY – With his friend Jordan (shown below), they have a wide variety of equipment. They love to help out on people’s films and put their equipment to use.  [email protected]  816.686.3851  WEBSITE : sjps.tv

JORDAN MARABLE – He’s been working with Scott for about 8 months. He loves camera operating and other crew work. He wants to help! 785.741.0919 [email protected]

BRIAN BOYE –  He’s almost done with his project! Came across an article that has a bunch of links to other stories and interesting resources for aspiring documentary filmmakers!

JASON TURNER – He’s taking his acting career more seriously. He has an agent now! He is still working on Iron City Chronicles! He made a comic book! It’s available on Amazon, but save your shipping costs and get one from him personally!

MICAH HUSEREAUX – Does photography for events and sets. Contact him! [email protected]  micahvideophoto.com

RACHEL MANNA – Adobe User Group announced that they have a site you can get public domain stuff! Pictures, audio, and video!

KENNETH – He’s from Kenya, has done lots of Shakespeare’s work, and voiceover. He loves KC and is looking forward to working with everyone! He did lots of work all across Africa!

JAKE BROWN – Has lots of experience in the business side of entertainment and wants to be used as a resource!  [email protected]  913.909.8616

EMILY HEROLD – Camera operator and AC/DIT Is starting to make her own short films again! Camera operator for a film going to sundance, Courtesan, directed by Misti Boland & Jeremy Osbern.  816.810.9713.

ALEX BROTHERTON – Has cameras, but wants to get back into films. Contact him about acting for a film.

TJ KIMBROUGH-FRENCH – Wants to get more into acting and crew work! Contact him! [email protected]

VERONICA – Is an actor, singer and dancer. Experienced in front of the camera. Now she’s writing and shooting her own productions. Wants to get more involved! Contact her!

CHRIS BYLSMA – www.breakthroughreels.com He knows what people are looking for in a reel, and he knows how to put them together well. Contact him!

BRANDON CURRY – Film made based off a classical piece titled Saturn. It’s about the effect of aging. He has the basic story line, but needs to work out the specific details. In pre-production! 816-589-4308 [email protected]

CHANCE WILLIAMS – Is here to learn how to make movies! Wants to do absolutely anything on a film set! 816.416.6792

DAVIS DEROCK – Has some successful films out there

DAVID WINGER – Would love to work audio for people! Contact him! [email protected]