NOTES 01/7/15

We’ve now moved to a tiered membership system. $75 a year gives you free 24 hour rental per week. That’s 52 rentals a year!
What a deal.
Every Picture Tells A Story (EPTAS) is due in March. Screening day is March 25th. If you’re still looking for an artist to make a film about,
IFCKC has a list of people that signed up!

MAIA – IFC people need to pay their bar tabs. Don’t forget to do that.

ALDEN – Let Alden know if you have topics you’d like discussed at an IFC meeting.

KAREN – Go for that tiered membership! Also, equipment rental prices have gone down. So that’s pretty peachy too.

DAN – He says hi.

MICAH – Go Check out the brand new website!

KIM – Talk to her about Actor’s Showcase 2015!


Daniel Banks – Just graduated, Wants to help out on anyone’s projects, acting or crew! Contact him at [email protected] 816-786-6226

Alex Brotherton – Has equipment and multiple skills, just needs people to use them with! Contact him at [email protected]

David Walter – Wants to meet people in the community and help on projects! Contact him at [email protected]

Alex Wachira – Studied film, wants to get back into filmmaking! Contact him at [email protected]

Trevor Martin – Wants more content for his website Submit your funny 5 minute or less comedies!

Savannah Rodgers – Writes and directs, wants to help on people’s projects! Contact her at [email protected] 913-908-1494

Cammie Settle- Needs someone to run audio for her EPTAS! She has equipment. But if you have your own, even better!

Dylan Allen – Wants to get back into the film industry!

Chuck Browne – Does music videos and weddings. Wants to get back into film. Contact him at [email protected]!