Sick to death of the madness of the political season?
Well, good news! Here’s a vote you can make that you know will matter, and comes free of political partisanship: The 2016-2017 IFCKC Board!

That’s right, it’s time again for the membership to decide who they want to serve as the stewards of the Independent Filmmaker’s Colaition of Kansas City, and the direction and focus for the next year. And the members can do more than vote, they can run for the Board as well!

Nominations are open for ALL IFCKC Board positions, and we hope that all of our members would consider running for the Board. Board members help plan and run meetings and events, schedule seminars and screenings, handle our social media, membership, equipment rental and so much more… all to provide the maximum benefit we can to our membership.

You can nominate yourself and nominate others for the Board, and nominations are open from now until August 23rd. Email [email protected] to let us know you want to run, or come to the next two meetings to tell us in person. On August 24th, nominees will make their pitch to the membership as to why they should be elected, and the ballots will go out on the 25th for the membership to vote on. We’ll be posting the nominee’s speeches to various social media platforms on the 24th, and archiving them so the members can review them as they make their decisions.

YOUR VOTE MATTERS! This is your opportunity to tell us what we’re doing right and what we can do better, and be a real part of making the IFCKC stronger and better. Run for the Board and vote!