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Brian Colley – Writer – KC Fringe Operations
– really likes this idea on fringe docs Producing a show – freak up the street – fringe production – its a memory play where this guy is remembering this guy he met when he was a kid.

Laura Jacobs – Actress – Directing Charlies enormous Cock – AKA CEC
– and three other shows find on Facebook Abused woman that cuts off husbands cock… its a comedy though.

Living Room show – Forrest Attaway [email protected]

Kevin King – Director –
Me Me dafoe, tells the story about an older actress on film. dark comedy. Baddest Auditions – improv show series of bad auditions [email protected]

Joe Duncan – Sax Player
LGBT friendly jazz band – Playing a show at Fringe Maiden Voyage [email protected]

Sabrina Henderson
Darrell Brogdon

Right Between the Ears – Audio artists… sketch radio show –

Laura Packer
Folklore and Mythologist Fairy Tales for grown ups [email protected]

Phillip Blue Owl
Beth Berg Longski – clown
Josh – mask maker

The Treasure of the Golden Monkey King based on a 500 year old itaian stage [email protected]

Christie Knarr Playwright
Chasing Mirriam
Play takes place in a car [email protected]

Jamie Mayo
[email protected]
Impenetrable Innocence story on sexual and innocence

Andrew Rolston Directing a Play

Mike Rice-Writer 8162559350 [email protected]

Pete Bakely
Romantic Dramedy – Two co-workers.. very fringy of fringe shows Two comedy shows

Michael Foster
Kick Comedy Theater

Script Tease Improv
[email protected]

Katarina Fitzpatrick
Feet to the Fire Dance Show
Young Dancers Focused on Folk Music
cheorograpy new stuff
[email protected]

[email protected]
three one act plays
Desperation is the theme




Hello! My name is Lindsey Smith and I am the Artistic Director of VidaDance and the producer for the Fringe show, “From This Pointe On.” I have attended an IFCKC event before and am disappointed to miss tonight’s events after receiving Cheryl Kimmi’s email last night. My dance company and Fringe show would love to be considered for a documentary. We love Fringe and were born and made because of it. In fact, at Cheryl’s suggestion last year, I decided to produce my very first show, which launched the professional company. Since then we have performed the KCB Dance Day event, a Moms of Performers Network free holiday event for homeless families, and at the National Dance Week St. Louis festival. We also launched a dance studio in Leawood this spring, and have a bunch of performance opportunities coming up this fall in addition to Fringe. All of this is thanks to the Fringe Festival! What makes my dance company unique is that its goal is to make dance accessible to everyone by creating pieces that are enjoyable, make sense, and are excellent in technique and choreography. We provide opportunities for non-dancers and non-artsy people to have a great time at a professional dance performance. If anyone is interested in taking us on as one of the documentary projects, you can find out more about the company at www.vidadancecompany.com, and more about the studio at www.vidadancestudio.com. Thank you for your consideration! Lindsey

I’m part of a team producing an original show at the KC Fringe Festival. The name of our show is “The House of the Devil is a Hot Mess.” This is our second year of involvement with Fringe. Our shows are not musicals but feature a full score. Our sound designer is a graduate of the UMKC Conservatory, our light designer graduated from Lindenwood University with a degree in theatrical design, and our actors hail from many area universities. Here’s the description for our show this year. “Seven people walk into a news station and no one gets out. An absurd comedy that touches on the impossibility of providing truly objective, unbiased coverage. “The House of the Devil is a Hot Mess” is an entirely Kansas City production. Featuring a full score, “Devil” is a biting look at the systems we crave and the ways they betray us.” Thanks for your time! charlie weitkamp <[email protected]>

We are an out of town group coming to the KC Fringe, so if you are making these films during the festival I’d be interested in being the subject of one of these documentaries. Our company name is Kinetic Fusion, we are a physical theatre company out of Minneapolis. Our show is called Rumors of Shadows. Here’s the description: Residents of the sleepy town of Radostdale don’t dare close their eyes after the sun goes down. Mysterious events, disappearances, shadows hidden in the mist, and the word “vampire” is on everyone’s lips. Whisper it, scream it, mock it. After tonight, the rumors will only get stronger. We tell a series of stories that all happen on the same night, following different people in this town with a blend of comedy and creepy. The whole is tied together by a town hall meeting and radio broadcasts. Besides movement, we also use a fair amount of visual elements – shadow puppets and projection. We can film some of our rehearsals and answers to interview questions. I have the video and audio set up to do that at a decent quality. Kirsten Kirsten <[email protected]>

Summerfest Concerts. Thank you for the opportunity and information on tonight’s event. I am afraid we will not be able to have representatives available to attend the mixer. However, we do believe the process and project sounds interesting. As a classical/chamber music organization we are not your typical Fringe performer. I am unsure if this might not be a good fit for us at all. However, if you do have a filmmaker who has some knowledge and/or interest in classical music, we would be happy to discuss possibilities. We are continually looking for ways to grow our audiences and expand our reach to those outside of the classical music scene. Summerfest is in its 26th Season. We are a Chamber Music organization made up of professional musicians and educators from all over the country. The Group can change from year to year depending on the repertoire and required instrumentation, but there is definitely a core that plays each year. These professionals convene in July (typically off season for classical music organizations and schools) to make and perform music that does not usually get performed in larger groups. It is a win win for audience and musician alike! Our Fringe show is a part of our July Festival. We typically present 4 separate shows (8 concerts: 4 Saturdays and 4 Sundays) in July. Each year we have a theme that that in some ways ties the 4 shows together. This year, it’s “American Roots” So Summerfest’s Fringe show is titled “Animal Antics” Three of the 4 pieces will be included in our Week 3 concerts. For the Fringe show, there will be a total of 4 works performed with various combinations of flute, violin, cello, harpsichord, clarinet, viola, violin, piano, and narrator. Our narrator is Robert Gibby Brand. He collaborated with Summerfest on our 25th anniversary celebration and we had a ton of fun . We are thrilled to have him back. Per Shannon Finney, artistic advisor and flutist: “We wanted to create a program that would incorporate the hallmarks of Summerfest – variety and diversity, thoughtfulness and reflection, beauty and whimsy – while crafting a program in which some of those same works might fit into the the “Fringe” ethos. We think we’ve done it beautifully!If there is a possible match out there, we would be happy to explore it. Thanks for your consideration. Rachael Pearman <[email protected]>

Hello, Cheryl Kimmi just sent out a message to all the fringe performers about potentially making a documentary or having a documentary made about their show. It sounded interesting to me, so I thought I would offer up my show. It’s a devised performance written and performed by senior women between the ages of 65-96. It’s being done through Arts and AGEing KC (http://www.artsandageingkc.org/) and the show is called Dancing with Crows Feet. I can pretty much guarantee it’s the only show in the festival that is entirely written and performed by senior women. If this is something that interests any of your filmmakers, just let me know! Thanks! The full description can be found here: http://www.artsandageingkc.org/#!da… It’s hard to get too specific as it’s a devised show, so the script hasn’t actually been written yet, but I hope the link above helps a bit! Cara

I am reaching out on behalf of a dance show, Belly Dance on the Fringe – A Cinderella Story We would love to be part of a documentary on how a dance show is put together I am co-producing with a KC dancer. We have two dance companies, three additional soloists, and storyteller Joyce Slater tying the dances together with the Arabic version of the Cinderella story. What else can I tell you: There have been belly dance shows at KCF for 9 years Ours is an all ages show Our artistic sensibility is in both the dance and cultural spectrum We have three performances at the Bolender center Filming opportunity: There is a rehearsal in Lawrence on June 21 at 7pm to allow for interviews with cast members as well as parts of the show. Jo Anne 785.842.3010 Jo Anne Zingo

Hello! I’d love to have a film made about my Fringe show. I’ve got a slightly less scatalogical version of it I’ll be doing on Sunday, June 5 at Trailside Center at 6 p.m. https://www.facebook.com/events/171… I also may be doing a house concert before the Fringe, as a run through (still negotiating on this). It’s a simple one-person show–I’m a storyteller, so don’t have props, sets, or even costumes. It would be great to see what a creative filmmaker can do with this! Best, Priscilla Howe (The Trickster Show) 785-331-6181 <[email protected]>

I am so interested in having my two actors for the subject of a short film. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the mixer since we are having the first reading of the draft of the script at that time! My play is entitled “Been Finn” and is about a 52 year old Huck Finn meeting his 20-year bastard son, Benjamin Franklin Rushforth for the first time. The script is a follow up of my successful show from last year’s Fringe entitled “Never Ever After” which was the story of the meeting of Huck Finn and Peter Pan. Jake Leet, who played Huck Finn last year, will portray the young Ben and Greg Butell will portray Huck Finn. Both plays were developed from the get go with the actors. Over the next five weeks, the three of us will be playing with the various draft until the final working draft will be rehearsed 10 days before Fringe. I am so sorry that I can’t be there tomorrow night top itch this with filmmakers. It is going to be and exciting and fascinating process and the two actors are very unique and talented guys that will make for great subject matter. Please feel free to contact me. Phil Kinen Been Finn Just Off Broadway Theatre 816 665 2564 [email protected]>

To whom it may concern, I am the founder, and one of the headlining performers, in Nique — a Spoken Word showcase, which is comprised of the many of the most powerful names in our genre in the Midwest. I would love to be involved in the documentary being filmed at the festival, and would like more information. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend the June 1st event; however, with a bit of notice, I can make any weekend work. Thank you for this opportunity, Nick Givechi [email protected]>

My name is Hersh Ellis, I am one of the fringe directors/ producers. I would be very interested in working with one of your directors to have a film made about my piece for fringe. A rare chance to see two one act plays by the great Tennessee Williams, the author of “A Streetcar Named Desire” “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” and “The Glass Menagerie.” In “Two By Tennessee Williams” Kansas City Audiences will see the local premiers of Williams’ one act plays “I Can’t Imagine Tomorrow” and “Green Eyes” performed back to back before this production premiers Off-broadway in New York in the fall. In “I Can’t Imagine Tomorrow” a reclusive spinster and shy stutter are each others only friend in the world. Each night they have their dinner together play a routine game of cards. But when the ritual is broken and their bond with each other is tested, we are left with one of Williams most hauntingly beautiful plays. In “Green Eyes” (one of Williams last plays, only recently unearthed and published) two honeymooners in New Orleans wake up from a night out on the town. As they attempt to sort out the events of the previous night they find themselves trapped in a game of seduction and power. From Home Grown Theatre Company, who brought you “Really, Really” (Fringe 2015) and “The Princess Bride” (Fringe 2014) this production is directed by company Artistic Director Hersh Ellis and features New York based actors Seth Olson and Chrizney Roth. — Hersh Ellis Artistic Director, Home Grown Theatre Co. [email protected] (913) 735-3157 (Office) (913) 522-5656 (Cell)

Hello, I’m Patricia. I perform as Stella Blue and created and produce the burlesque Troupe Rhythm and Boobs. I’m sorry I couldn’t be at the mixer this evening.,I concentrate on “All bodies are burlesque bodies” and full body,gender, and self-expression acceptance. I began teaching burlesque at City In Motion School of Dance in 2013. I’ve had some students go on to being national performers, some go back to their daily life with more confidence, swagger, and belief in themselves. They come from performing backgrounds, stay-at-home moms, single, married, divorced, LGBTQIA, I have been lucky enough to see so many people come through my classes. Weather they stay for 1 class or 2 years, burlesque can give them a new view of themselves. At KC Fringe, we always perform with a live band – mainly because I come form a live music background, so we will have a 4 piece band with us. I’m attaching some photos of myself and some of my performers. My only concern with a film is I do have a couple performers that can’t be “outed” as burlesquers, so we’d have to be creative with hiding them. Seriously, I could talk all day about this, and maybe we’ll get a chance to. Thanks so much for your time – Patricia performing as Stella Blue Producing Artistic Director Rhythm and Boobs <[email protected]>

Hello! I am producing a play for KC Fringe this year with Relevance Productions called “The Islander.” The play is written by myself and directed by Relevance Productions’ Artistic Director, Trevor Belt. Past Relevance shows include the 2015 Fringe hit, “The Hairy Ape,” “Buck Hoss,” “The Normal Heart,” and “Waiting for Godot,” all directed by Trevor Belt himself. My last writing credit for KC Fringe was apart of the 2014 festival titled “Stagehands: The Musical.” We will present this piece on the Main Stage at the Unicorn Theater. Our show is a dramedy about a lonely alcoholic who suffers from delusions of grandeur and misplacement in the world while entertaining himself and anyone around him night after night in an empty dive bar. All of the occurrences in the story are told through the backdrop of the 1980s Reagan Era. If this project would be of any interest to any of the IFCKC filmmakers, please do not hesitate to contact me either email ([email protected]), phone (816)225-5146, or via Facebook. Thank you!

Been Broken would like to participate, we are a 3 piece original rock band Ben Rekittke <[email protected]>

I am interested in the IFCKC film opportunity. I was not able to go to the mixer as I was closing a 2 month run of a solo show at the Fishtank Performance Studio. I have 2 shows that I am submitting to the KC Fringe Festival. One is called ‘Second Ladies’ – The women behind the women in the White House, the politics of sex, power and desire. It investigates the female role in the patriarchal government system. The other play is “Young. Black. Victorian.” A true story of a Nigerian girl orphaned by tribal warfare and saved from human sacrifice by a British Navel Officer to become the adopted god-daughter of Queen Victoria. Both of these play are original and being developed at the Fishtank Performance Studio (est. 2009). The Fishtank is a small black box theatre in the heart of the Crossroads Arts District presenting contemporary, experimental, live theatre. I hope to hear from you. Best, Heidi Van <[email protected]>

My show is called H4CKS (“Hacks”). It’s an original work that myself, Brian Huther, and Seth Macchi are writing. It features the three of us as well as Ellen Kirk. H4CKS is a dark comedy about a pair of slacker brothers living in their mom’s basement who accidentally create a sort of terrorist cult. When a few of their followers show up in their basement with shocking plans, the abrasive Charlie and often bewildered Devon are faced with a serious of insane decisions. The play is primarily a comedy, and it explores the ideas of belief, internet culture & justice, anonymity, anger, and responsibility. The script is not final yet but the story has been in development for several months. If there are still interested filmmakers I’d love to chat about the possibility of getting involved. Ben Auxier <[email protected]>

Hey there! My name is phillip low — I’m a touring storyteller from Minneapolis who has been performing in the KC Fringe Festival for the past eight years. I’d be delighted to have my show this year considered, if there were a filmmaker interested in working with me. The complicating (and possibly critical) factor here is that, as an out-of-town performer, I wouldn’t actually be *arriving* in KC until Wednesday, July 20th. Which I get may make some kind of collaboration impossible. In the event that there is some enterprising filmmaker who would like to attempt something clever, here’s my show info page: http://maximumverbosityonline.org/p… I also have a page with some of my upcoming show/touring commitments: http://maximumverbosityonline.org/c… I get that I am firmly in “Well, I guess it couldn’t hurt to ask” territory here, but, well — I guess it couldn’t hurt to ask. Thanks, phillip low <[email protected]>

I am interested in the film project for Fringe performers. This is my 3rd year with Fringe. I collect vintage clothing and tell stories (Playing Dress-Up: The Stories and Clothes of Our Lives). I also produce The Mosquito Radio Hour: Stories That Bite…(involving tellers from River & Prairie Storyweavers — National Storytelling Network — Free State Story Slam). Mary L. Schmidt Communication Studies St. Cloud Technical/Community College “Playing Dress-Up: The Stories and Clothes of Our Lives” Email: m[email protected]

Bohemian Cult Revival! Burlesque! Song! Comedy! Annie Cherry! Damian Blake! Danger Alex! Ivanna Rockafella! Jason Nivens! Sara d’Joue! AND MORE!!! https://www.facebook.com/BohemianCu…

Hello! I am producing a play for KC Fringe this year with Relevance Productions called “The Islander.” The play is written by myself and directed by Relevance Productions’ Artistic Director, Trevor Belt. Past Relevance shows include the 2015 Fringe hit, “The Hairy Ape,” “Buck Hoss,” “The Normal Heart,” and “Waiting for Godot,” all directed by Trevor Belt himself. My last writing credit for KC Fringe was apart of the 2014 festival titled “Stagehands: The Musical.” We will present this piece on the Main Stage at the Unicorn Theater. Our show is a dramedy about a lonely alcoholic who suffers from delusions of grandeur and misplacement in the world while entertaining himself and anyone around him night after night in an empty dive bar. All of the occurrences in the story are told through the backdrop of the 1980s Reagan Era. If this project would be of any interest to any of the IFCKC filmmakers, please do not hesitate to contact me either email ([email protected]), phone (816)225-5146, or via Facebook. Thank you!