IFC Seminar- 20 Easy Ways to Ruin Your Great Indie Film

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IFC Seminar- 20 Easy Ways to Ruin Your Great Indie Film


Wednesday May 15th, the Independent Filmmakers Coalition will host a presentation by accomplished Kansas City filmmakers Stephen and Mary Pruitt. 20 Easy Ways to Ruin Your Great Indie Film (or What Really Matters in Film) is a humorous presentation on twenty major pitfalls most filmmakers encounter as the begin their film careers, and a few things that they should never lose sight of as they seek to create films of the highest possible quality.

Stephen Wallace Pruitt and his wife, Mary Settle Pruitt, firmly believe that just about anyone can achieve true, Hollywood-quality production values on any budget if they know what to do, what to watch out for, and then take the time and make the efforts to get things down “just right.”

It has been said that a wise person learns from their own mistakes, but a smart person learns from the mistakes of others. It is in this helpful spirit that this witty and energetic presentation discusses twenty major areas of filmmaking that tend to trip up beginning filmmakers.


Stephen Wallace Pruitt and Mary Settle Pruitt are the owners of NEVER2LATE Productions in Kansas City. Although a university finance professor and homemaker by day, by night Stephen and Mary transform into their filmmaker alter-egos with one objective in mind—to make the highest-quality low-budget redemptive films possible. Literally moving from ground-zero to feature film at the tender ages of 50 and 47, Stephen and Mary’s first film, the poignant romantic comedy “Works in Progress,” played at over a dozen film festivals around the country, including the Heartland Film Festival in Indianapolis, the San Antonio Film Festival, On Location: Memphis International Film Festival, and the Kansas City Film Festival, among others, won several awards (including “Best Feature Film” at the 2012 Canada International Film Festival in Vancouver), and was released on DVD by Vanguard Cinema in Hollywood.

The Pruitts’ second feature, the three-hour drama/mystery “Terminal,” is deep in post-production and will begin its festival run in early 2014. The couple is currently writing their third feature film, “Dust,” which will begin production starting in July 2014.

20 Easy Ways to Ruin Your Great Indie Film
Wednesday May 15th 7:30pm
Westport Coffee House
4010 Pennsylvania Ave, Kansas City MO
Free & Open to the public