Film Competitions

The Competitions        IFKC

Four times a year, the IFCKC sponsors film competitions, open to both the membership and the general public. For these juried events, teams form to collaborate and produce a short film, following a given criteria. Some past events include:

The One-Night Stand
This festival gives filmmakers 10 fun, frantic hours to write, shoot, and edit a short film. Compile your own crew, talent and equipment. We’ll draw one THEME, one ITEM, and ONE LINE OF DIALOGUE at random. Using these elements, complete your film and screen your film that same evening at one of the best parties in KC. 2015 Winners here.

Every Picture Tells a Story
Filmmakers pair up with regional artists or every kind, to tell the stories of those artists and their art. While primarily a documentary competition, films can be totally creative works or documentaries.

1/3/5 Film Festival
Filmmakers draw for a time length of 1-minutes, 3-minutes or 5-minutes. Films can be of any genre.

IFCKC Presents
Includes FRINGE Festival film competitions and TERROR ON THE PLAINS and other SHOWCASE series.


Previous Film Competitions

3/5/7 Tight Shorts Film Festival
Films compete in one of three categories (3-minutes, 5-minutes or 7-minutes) and can be of any genre.

Fantasy Filmmakers Draft
A continuous story is completely written, filmed and edited by 5 different teams – with each team assigned a specific segment of the story to write. Only the scriptwriter for each team has access to the entire story line. Executive Producers (chosen at random) draft cast and crew for teams out of participating members.

The Fiery Wheel-O-Rama
Participants spin a wheel to get a set of five elements. They must choose three of the five to use  in their film, which is to be completed in one month.

To view some of the previously submitted films for IFCKC competitions, explore our film gallery menu tabs.

Check our calendar for announcements and details about upcoming events.