The Independent Filmmakers Coalition (IFC) was founded in 1993 by Kansas City-based professional and amateur filmmakers as a non-profit organization to support independent filmmakers. Through activities such as seminars, screenings, group projects, and workshops, the IFC provides a setting for networking and cooperatively sharing resources and information.

The IFC includes professional and aspiring professional filmmakers (directors, producers, editors, screenwriters, actors, technical or artistic directors and crew), film hobbyists, educators, photographers, writers, artists, musicians, advertising and marketing executives, theater professionals, and film production and theater executives. Though open to everyone, the IFC is honored to have among its membership:

  • Emmy Award winners.
  • Filmmakers and actors whose works have screened at the premiere film festivals, including Canne, Sundance and Tribeca.
  • Professionals who’ve worked or are now working at Kansas City, Los Angeles, and New York film production companies.

The IFC is a democratic organization with annually elected officers who serve in a voluntary capacity. The membership encompasses all ages, ethnic backgrounds, and walks of life. More than 1/3 of members are female, not common in a male-dominated profession. The IFC hosts several events year-round including the “One Night Stand” and the “Fantasy Film Maker Draft”.

Entirely run and supported by volunteers, the IFC is a 501(c) not-for-profit organization located in the greater Kansas City, Missouri, area.