2016-2017 Final IFCKC Board Nominations!


Nominations for the 2016-2017 IFCKC Board are now closed.

If you are a current paid member, you will receive an email ballot on Thursday, August 25th and will have until 5PM Wednesday, August 31st to cast your ballot. If you are currently not a paid member and wish to vote, you have until midnight tonight to join through the Membership link on our website, www.ifckc.com.

The Nominees for the 2016-2017 IFCKC Board are:

Alden Miller
Timothy Harvey

Tim Lowndes

At-Large Board:
Dan Handley
Maia Ades
Jennifer White
James Hinkle
Timothy English
Dixie Allen
Dylan Thomas
Timothy Harvey
Alden Miller

Continuing Board Members:
Angela Moss
Stacy Hinkle